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Why have a mobile fun casino?

Fun Casino’s are a perfect way to entertain your guests. Not only do they compliment a disco or band, but also work well as standalone entertainment. Fun casinos are very versatile, what other form of entertainment can raise money for a charity, Involve every age group or promote a product? It is becoming the fastest growing choice of entertainment for: Weddings, Product launches, Fund raising events, anniversaries, parties, corporate entertaining, conferences and balls. We try to make the Casino experience as real as possible but add an element of Fun!

How does a mobile fun Casino operate?

The important thing to remember is that your guests won’t be playing for real money. Each guest will receive a Fun money voucher (Don’t forget we customise the voucher free of charge), this can be sent to you in advance to be handed out or for instance if you have a sit down meal on every place setting. Alternatively we can distribute the voucher for you. Once the casino opens – your guests are invited to exchange the vouchers for casino chips at the gaming tables. Your guests are free to play any of the tables for a set duration, usually 3 hours. Towards the end of the evening – we call out ‘last 3 spins’ which means the casino is closing. Once the casino has closed – we will ask the guests to cash in the chips to determine the winners. PA bottle of Champagne and a Winner’s Plaque will be awarded to the guests who has accumulated the most over the evening.

Do I require a gaming licence?
No – our casinos are run in accordance with the current gaming laws which allow them to be run for entertainment purposes only. There are two important considerations, firstly that the Fun casino is not the first or sole reason for attending the event eg a Fun casino at a wedding – guest are invited to the marriage of the couple and not to the fun casino entertainment. Secondly that no gambling for personal gain is allowed. For more information on this issue please click on the link below: Fact Sheet – Gambling Act 2005
How do I raise funds for my charity?
For clubs and registered charities a fun casino can also be used as a fund raising vehicle. There are a number of ways of achieving this – however the principal is that the ‘fun’ money is sold to your guests with the reward of non-monetary prizes to the winners. We would be happy to discuss different methods of fund raising along with identifying the correct number of casino tables to hire.
How many casino tables should I have?

As a guide we would recommend 1 table per 40 – 70 guests depending on whether there is additional entertainment occurring at the same time as the fun casino is operating.

We would recommend no less than 2 tables – normally Blackjack and Roulette – however other factors need to be considered – including your budget and the length of time the casino is open. We would be happy to discuss this in further detail.

What games can you provide?

We can provide the most popular games of Roulette & Blackjack, as well as Casino Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Texas Hold ‘EM Poker. We also have access to other games including: Craps, & Baccarat (Punta Banco).

What do your mobile fun casino nights include?

All our packages come with: Setting up and taking down of the equipment, 3 hours of entertainment, free delivery up to 10 miles from Glasgow or Edinburgh, full size casino quality tables, Professional croupiers for each table, personalised fun money and Prizes.

Why don’t you show your prices on your website?

Our prices will vary depending on the number of tables required, types of tables, location and hours of play. We offer a professional service backed by our quality equipment and friendly staff. We will always attempt to remain competitive with our prices and welcome any requests for a quote.

What areas do you cover?
Based in Glasgow we are ideally situated to cover the two major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. However we cover and frequently travel all over Scotland and the north of England. If you live outside of these areas, we can provide you with details of other like minded Fun casino operators.
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