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Probably the most popular casino table of the card games in the world. It is an ideal Fun Casino game to play for both novices and the more experienced player, as it is simple to understand and likened to a variation of Pontoon & 21.

After the croupier calls no more bets they will deal a card to each player’s hand followed by one to themselves and then a 2nd card to all the player’s hands, all face-up -the dealer remains with one card. They will then ask the first player if they want a card or no-card.

The aim of the card game is to beat our croupier by getting your cards to total twenty-one or as close to twenty-one as possible. If you go over – you automatically lose. Everyone plays against our croupier individually. After all players have received their cards the dealer will then draw their hand. They must keep pulling cards until they hit 17 or more. They will pay even-money (your bet) to all hands higher than theirs -unless they have gone over 21 and bust where they will then pay all remaining players even-money. Hands that match the dealer’s hand in value will be a ‘push’ where the players just keep their bet.

Aces are valued one or eleven. Ten, Jack, Queen & Kings are all valued 10, and all other cards are their respective numeric value.

If you hit twenty-one in 2 cards you have ‘Blackjack’ upon which you’ll be paid 3 to 2 odds on your original bet, (sometimes paid 2 to 1 odds). If the dealer has an Ace or a 10 valued card the dealer will offer you insurance in the form of even-money as they could also get Blackjack. Our dealers will be happy to explain all the rules and gameplay to your guests.

There are a range of other bets including doubling down and splitting pairs.

Please see our video below for more information.

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Blackjack Casino Games from Edinburgh Fun Casinos
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What’s in the package

  • Three hours of exciting entertainment at a time to suit you and your guests.
  • Casino quality tables, all of our tables are purchased brand new from the leading casino manufacturer.
  • We only use professional croupiers. 90% of our croupiers work exclusively for us. They are polite, friendly and know how to have fun. They will arrive in smart evening attire and will be happy to teach your clients how to play the games.
  • There will be a bottle of celebration champagne and a winner’s plaque for the highest earner.
  • Free customisation of fun money – send us an image of your choice, along with any event text and we will customise your fun money vouchers unique to your event.

Useful Information

  • Table Size: 6ft x 4ft
  • Operating Area: 12ft x 9ft
  • Number of players: 7/9 boxed players plus additional backing players.

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